Check out their work
If you haven't checked out our Trickster Video Archives section lately, I strongly encourage you to do so again. At latest count, we have over 300 trick videos in our archive (with links to our local copies in each archive), and nearly every video has a matching thumbnail image to give you a hint at what's inside. That count doesn't include the mirror of Frogblast's entire site (with every picture and video he released), which we also host.

I'm telling you, these guys have done a beautiful job with these halo trick video archives, and preserving the efforts of all the tricksters that have visited our little house on the lollerwebs is very important to me. Whether you want to watch a video from the dark ages of Halo trickery, or you want to see some fairly new Halo 2 material, you can find it in there somewhere. Give it a looksee, and then give the archive team a compliment or two. They've earned it.

These guys are insane! My hat, if I had one, would be off to you, gents! :D
It is hell in there, but we get things done, and the reward is sweet.
I want ot personally thank the team for doing a marvelous job on the rchives, and to Ducain for the support and guidance he's given us.