If he were in Trinity...
Mornin' everyone! A noble campaignist comes bearing yet another delightful H2 CMP tricking video! The newest addition to our good ole front page hails from one of our lesser-known ticksters, CaptainCrunch41. His video, titled "If I was in Trinity", brings us something we all like to see every now and then - a short, sweet, and to the point trick that could take a few minutes to pull off, or even a few hours! We won't spoil the trick, but we will tell you this, if he was in Trinity, this'd be a true Trinity clip if we ever saw one. Awesome job to you CaptainCrunch41, we loved the video. Now everyone, go check it out or we'll set the Ogre loose without Ducain knowing OK? *wink wink*


*Hoo raws!*
Go Captain!
E = mc2 sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!