Single Vehicle Self Launch? Must be grumpy again...
Looks like grumpy is doing that little dance he does when he's done something great. This time 'round he brings us a very nicely put together tutorial video about how to perform what he, POTS and dantheman87 call "Svsf." This stands for "Single Vehicle Sword Fly." Anyone who has ever performed or even tried to Svsf knows how awesome it is for Single Player Sword Flying. The video shows us just how to perform this trick; it has a good 90% chance of it working. If you guys were wondering, if you have the 1.1 Update or higher, this is useless to you. Regardless if you have it or not, drop by to check it out.


*Nods* Splendid work, dude. :)
I want MOAR.
MOAR news.
MOAR Campaign.

Good job, Grump and KORHAL for the post.