The Tricking Bug
Like fire, water, and electricity, the Tricking Bug, the forth element on this planet, spreads in waves, infecting all it comes into contact with. Our poor soul, SRL, was infected last night, and 7:77. His mind, now under the Tricker's control, decided to tackle one of the most annoying of all Halo 2 levels, Gravemind. He tours us through a good portion of the upper region by launching about like a psycho who was infected with a video game obsessed disease.

Oh, right.

The file sizes are (that's right, he made two videos) a little large, even if you have something powerful like Comcast, but nevertheless, slip on the white gloves and those funky looking white anti-bio suits at Area 51 and stop by for your daily dose of trickage!

Nice write up, termy.