Team CLXB presents No Limit 3-Campaign: An Extreme Bounce Montage
Just when you think you're alone. It's dark, and the moonhawk shrieks above. The pungent smell of oil and warm plasma creeps over your body. A twig snaps. You spin around to see... Master Chief wearing a pair of Moon Boots?

Clan Team CLXB has made an awesome video showcasing some very impressive bounces! Although it lacks the gorgeous Kasumi, there are single bounces, string bounces, spring bounces, high bounces, Kasumi bou-


No Limit Volume 3 comes in a high quality, well edited, cool and wowing manner. Of course, with such great quality in all terms, the file size is considerably large. Nevertheless, this is an exceptional bounce video that should be downloaded, for it won't fail to disappoint.

High Res:
Low Res:

EDIT BY DUKE: A few people contributed to this writeup (I believe the actual description comes from Terminator), and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get around to posting this.
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