Trinity II: Episode I
Yes, you read that right, Episode I. The awesome Trinity Crew took the best of the first Trinity project and combined that with the constructive criticism of all to make the new Trinity II trick videos, plural. Filled with tuts, never-before-seen Campaign tricks, and brewing to the top with forevercha0s' top-notch editing, Trinity II Episode I captures all the fun of the entire first Trinity without the need to wait or fuss for an hour. And more is to come from this ongoing series!

The best part is that you can venture into Campaign with the help of the Trinity greats via their new tutorials and awesome presentation. If this doesn't get your exploration and glitch blood boiling, then likely you're just a dead Flood-bud. Look forward to more installments of the Trinity II Project in H2 Campaign! Once again, Trinity proves that tricking is not about competition, but unity and a love of fun, as expressed here at HIH for everyone to try and enjoy. Fantastic!

Look! Prince has a new computer and he's already learned how to type. He's too much!

I didn't know they were going to do episodes until just the other day. I was dreading the dreadnaught (does that make sense?) vid and look what they came up with.

woot woot :)