It's Juggertrout to you, son
The latest addition to the HIH Trickster Video Archives section is a trickster that was here when the world was young. LouisWu had only written up 10,000 or so newsposts back in those days. It's Juggertrout! He put together a very nice archive with loads of screenies. If you've not seen his videos, take a few minutes and reward yourself with some Halo 1 awesomeness.

Great stuff. :)

JT is one me ol' homeboys. *resists urge to huggle*
hey ducain, uh sorry i meant-hey juggernat, i joined this site a while back but i havent had time to come on as much. seriously i think its been 5 or 6 months since the last time. id just like to say i like the way the site looks,i still remember the old-school white backroud whith maybe a small pic. well anyway whoever maneges the site is really doing a great job.-from the one we all know and love
EvIl GRuNt
I dont think this is the place for that......