Swordflying in the QZ canyon in single player
Here's a new one from Dantheman87, showing what you can do with a vehicle, a frozen flood form, and a sword. He explores numerous areas of the Quarantine Zone canyon that you'd really have a hard time reaching any other way. Good stuff. I wish everyone did tricking like Dan. Excellent post, short and to-the-point video that's easy to understand. I love it.

Hmm, good note on there Ducain :) "More videos should be like this." Just like the old V1 days eh? :) <3 I'm working on getting my old stuff up and into the exact same way that I used to have'em :) Except, shorter ;)

You best be gettin your vids up soon so Random can make you an archive.:)

Thanks for getting this up here so quickly Duke. Much appreciated.
bangin' dan. simply bangin'.