Campaign Roundup by Terminator
EDIT BY DUKE: This is a great example of what I was talking about. One of our members took some time out to writeup a highlight of some great content, and I'm glad to pass his efforts on to you guys. Thanks Terminator.

If you havn't stopped by the Halo 2 Campaign Forum in a while, now would be a good time, and I'll give you four reasons why.

Reason 1: Twin Fusion. This is a video starring The Elite Grunt and RandomCTG. You can consider it a combination of "Just Have Fun" video and a launching variety video; it's packed with single player launches that you probably will want to try out for yourself. This piece was edited by Inu, so if you love that "awe" atmosphere that some of the great editors here can create with their editing, then that's all the more reason to watch Twin Fusion!

Reason 2: Redemption. This is a video starring the members of Mythic Films. You might not have heard of them, but they certainly know how to trick; this video is full of fun and nifty goodies, and it comes in a variety of resolutions thanks to ZuP, so don't miss it!

Reason 3: Single Player Ghost Bash. SRL is at it again. This time, he demonstrates his impressive talent with Single Player Ghost launching. Again, thanks to ZuP, there are a variety of resolutions, so you havn't an excuse to miss this video either!

Reason 4: Temporal Voidence. Boy, they sure are giving these videos some crazy names, eh? And how about that airline food, I mean, my gosh! Just- Just don't get me started. This video lacks decent food, but it does have some fun and interesting Single Player Warthog launches that are pleasing to the eye. :) Luck you say? So what, what doesn't require a little luck, right? You watching this video, that's what, because that is a fact. :)

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dude... i was on a airplane for 14 hours... their food sucks >_< xD
i kinda find the write up kidna wrong seeing what happens but thanks man <3 and ps Termy for Newsposting admin o.O
deathremain says:

i kinda find the write up kidna wrong seeing what happens but thanks man <3

What do ya mean, "wrong"? Did I make an error?!
Are you saying I messed up on the description...? Well, I happen to have an edit button here if you really care to elaborate. If not, okay, it will remain this way. You are welcome, by the way. =)
ps Termy for Newsposting admin o.O

Termy for Newsposting admin gogogogogo.


Shucks. =P Oh SHNAP! Gilleh is gonna kill my kittens! D=
we also need to do something about getting all those archives somewhere safe before they get lost behind hundreds of new threads. Termy FTW
xD nah it was a good write up! its just that i was on a plane for 14 hours... and the same thing happened to me >_
4 awsomely sweet vids.
GJ Termy
Hows Hawaii, Death?
oddly enough, the one time i did eat on an airplane, the food was actually good...
lol? >.>
(no i was not in first class)
yo termy i nedded this to. i havent been updated with campaign.

good job dude:eek:
Nice writeup and nice vids! Kudos!

And yes...Terminator for News Admin!
Rofl, awesome stuff Terminator :)

Weren't we just talking about getting someone to "Represent" the CMP forums yesterday in the Temporal Voidance(?) thread?

Anyways, awesome News Post my friend, may many more, slightly humor-filled News Posts appear in the name of CMP :)

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QFT His superb abilities must be used somehow!
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QFT His superb abilities must be used somehow!


*hands Termy's resume to Duke*