Out of Desolation, nah... really!?
Clan Hold X To Trick have successfully bypassed the dreaded death barriers and successfully found a replicable way out of Desolation. Using a bunch of cloned warthogs carefully positioned you can now force your way through one of the walls of and out of the level.

The Hold X to Trick guys have provided a detailed video explaining exactly how to replicate this glitch. Go over to the MP tricks forum and check it out, remember to leave feedback!

Thanks Sprout. :)

Great job... I kept trying to get out everywhere, but you guys always seem to get to it before me.
I watched the video and ideed was amazed. Those death barriers have been challenging me and my friends for quite some time now. Finally we gave up and went to the best for help. And of course it was on this site. I did the glitch(after for trying for 2 hours :( curse the uncooperative.) and finally got out.