Dad, can I borrow the Keyes to the Navpoints tonight?
"scurty brings us yet more trickery on Keyes, this time destroying triggers so bad, he causes two separate nav points to be spawned at the same time. The video really speaks for itself, so don't judge it until you've seen it (and tried it).

Next, scurty (with a little help from BigGruntyThirst) shows us even more mad hax on Keyes, this time spawning an unbelievable three navpoints in this second video."

Thanks to hæroicraptor for the Newspost write-up, and insane vids scurty! This is some majorly clever classic tricking, so don't miss it guys. I look forward to the future installments!

He also manages to survive another sticky! *huggle*
Hahaha! Nice title POTS.