"It was the greatest magic trick I'd ever seen..."
SRL, that crazy mad Campaign critter, has shocked us once again. I don't want to spoil the surprise in this case, just rest assured that this trick on High Charity is one of the most amazing Campaign tricks I've ever seen. The patience required, the inventiveness, and finally the completion of something I personally thought was impossible makes this a must watch video. This is one of the greatest H2 Campaign tricks ever, period.

H2 Campaign is on fire right now, more FP goodness to come. Way past cool work SRL, way past.

/me halogasms.

That was quite epic.
Naahhh, this isn't magic. Pure skill. :)
Halo 1 is on fire too. >_>
Haha nobody got The Prestige reference
that movie friggen ownz.
especially the man, david bowie.