New Maps Omgwtfbbq?
New top story over at 2 New maps coming to XBL on april 17th. $4 dollars, xbox 360 not required.

Stop reading here and go read the story.

Edit by Phantom:
You can see an extremely high resolution version of the two screenshots on Certain Affinity's website. For direct links, you can go here and here.


but you need a credit card to get them. and my parents won't let me use it. which is why i didn't get original xbox online.

i'll find a way though.
Only two? awww
Sick. Nasty.

They made a re-creation of Hang Em High, can't wait.
hang em high..... hang em high..... the beta is nothing compared to this.
I cant wait to see what new stuff people like yasha and johnintoit will figure out here... this is gunna be VERY good
Hopefully you won't have to install like an update to go along with it... idk. Like an update that fixes the game or something. I know it's kinda late in the game to do that, never mind.
Hang 'em High and Derelict...... *drools*
Yes the king of maps is coming back(Hang em high)
And when they say a few suprises I think like warthogs or a new gun or something completely sick
can i buy them with pre-paid credit cards?

Out of Hang Em' High, first day. IT'S ON!
EROCK4HL says:
And when they say a few suprises I think like warthogs or a new gun or something completely sick

Mounted turrets, more then likely. Or you could activate something like the gate in Zanzibar. *Looks at crane in picture*

I want to get in the grate behind the Oversheild, first day!
im gonna bounce the shit outta those maps
Hidden surprise? That'd be really cool if they slipped in something like a H2 brute spiker or a new vehicle (which is fully possible, as modders have done similar often, without replacing any old item - just that the new item will only be in that level, not all). But it'll probably just be something like a gate...
While I'm kind of disappointed that there's only two new maps, I can't wait. :)
my favorite part out of the whole new update is this quote: "No more annoying lip!"

Omg, i dont know how many times i died in Hang em High because i got stuck on that stupid lip...
A HALO 2 HANG 'EM HIGH!!!! Hang 'Em High was my favorite H1 map!! And I can get them on my original Xbox. :eek: I used to spend a lot of time on Derelict too. My favorite H1 maps coming to H2.... YES!
wooot im soo going to play this game nonstop and try to find gliches the second i download it this is a chance to find some new bounces!
Yes there here!!!
Too bad I cant get online #@$@#$%!
yay, new maps.

but yea, i dont have xbl :(
If your parents dont let you use their credit card, go to walmart or the bank and buy a visa gift card.
i must say that I am proud to be an american...
OMG OMG For the xbox and the 360!! REJOICE fellow original xboxers, we too have the privilage of new-old maps!!!!

Hang-em-high = complete pants wetting