Back to basics, baby
Duelies released a video very recently (with some help from SRL) that is EXACTLY the sort of thing I was asking for, concerning the way we present our content here. The video is packed full of great campaign trickery and action, but more than that, the guy took extra care to explain the tricks and stunts that he does. Someone who has never played 10 minutes of Halo 2 campaign could watch this, be entertained, and at the same time appreciate the work that this poor soul put in so that a little dude on the screen could be blasted half way to Mars. :) I love it. Great job Duelies - glad to see some new stuff from you.

His forum thread contains a couple of versions of the full-length video, as well as links to different segments of the video, in case you want to download and watch one segment at a time. Sweet.

Great stuff as usual from the one and only Duelies. (and SRL :))

I know I've said this before, but one of these days this man needs to be archived. >.>

I'm willing to take the time to put it all together, but I could definitely use some help. This guy has countless vids. >.<

<3 for teh Duelies.