Jumping is teh S uck, or so they tell me
Shameless self-promotion is encouraged here, as long as what you're peddling (old man term for "sellin' stuff) is the bee's knees, so here's Yasha to take it away:

""jumping" is teh s uck, featuring Yasha and BuddhaCrane: This video takes the term "jumping" and stretches it a little further then most would think possible. With quite a bit of anticipation and time delays, it's finally here. Like most of Yasha's videos, this was made for FUN and you can easily see how it's translated in the video. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show! Even if you've never seen a jumping video, this one is definitely worth the watch! Johnintoit said it best, "if you miss this one. . . . . you miss a lot."" Fun stuff to watch guys!

To you excellent Jumping/Bouncing folk who have submitted your montages to me and have been working/waiting patiently with me to get everything organized, I'VE NOT FORGOTTEN, and I'm SORRY it's taking so long. :( This has been a messed-up first quarter of the year for me, with me spending a good chunk of it offline due to my comp.

So even if it's month's old by the time I get to it, I told you I'd get to it and I will. Sorry for the trouble, truly. You guys are awesome.
My favourite jumping video I've ever seen. I loved the content, editing, and especially the music.

The video definitely deserved front page, great job Yasha!
def. an amazing video, im glad this got FP. This video was absolutley spectacular.
There is a bunch of errors in that entire post...

The video is quite sexy though. :)