Hillockday Challenges 3,4 AND 5!
Due to some problems, the writeup for number 3 was delayed, but now, here for one time period only we give you the double write up!

Hillock Day 3 - The first attempt against a random group of people. Should have been a walkover, while in reality they just managed to, er, scrape victory... We had a few staffing issues that night, which meant that we also had a guest player from our sister site, http://gearsofwarforum.net/, plus another random user! Not sure what was going on, but we made up the next week with 9 players standing by!

Hillock Day 4 - The second clan match, but what a turn around from the week before! Team CXLB need to look at their gametypes - despite the constant BXR'ing on Lockout, we still managed to pull off an astounding victory :)

Hillock Day 5 - Is sometime next week. We need a group of 5 random users to sign up for it, so click the link and put your names forward. The Staff team has already been decided, but will be kept a secret until the night.

I was slightly mentioned :D
Hooray for being the random user!