I'll make my OWN elevator, thank you
I was browsing the tricking forums today, and found a couple of excellent things. The first one I'll mention is a small video by SRL (much better name that SOL), where he finds a way to reach the top of the MAC gun from the level Armory. Yes, that's right - from Armory. Very nicely done. I think I might just have to blow the dust off my Halo 2 disk and try this one myself. Looks fun. Though the spelling will make you cringe, the trick itself is very nice.

Aside: I'm SO GLAD this video didn't end up in the next SuperMegaTricktageOfDoom, where it would have had 2 seconds of showtime and would have been forgotten immediately. Small videos like this, highlighting one trick and the steps necessary to accomplish it, are what make me want to keep watching (heck, and keep trying them myself). MORE OF THESE...please. :)

Yeah, I agree, this baby needed its own video.

The spelling reminds me of Sneakypete's old videos...... lOl
<3 SRL, way to go bud.

Also, I', glad too, because it would have been lost in whats going in the next SMTOD.


Haha, just kidding. If somebody did land that, I would force them to post it seperate :P

Once again, congrats SRL, woot!
Don't worry, I'll be posting T2T seperately. That right, I called it. Whatcha gonna do about it?! o_O!

A very deservative frontpage. This level of tricking is so far beyond me, it's almost overwhelming. Very nice job, SRL. I'm with Ducain on this one, I'm glad this didn't end up in Trinity II. This deserved to be shown no other way.
I take offense to that SOL comment ;)

Great video by the way. These are the reasons I'm here, for the big accomplishments.