Greetings! We Are Monitors of Installation HIH
Your cry of "more staff, more staff!" has been heard and answered, and we proudly unveil the first public stages of the Monitor Project. The HIH Staff has been hard at work figuring out ways to strengthen our ranks in preparation for Halo 3 and to help spread out the workload, and the final product is nearing completion. With that, I proudly introduce the Staff section of lieutenant Moderator, the Monitor category. For more details and to give us some feedback, head here.

I will say it again POTS, wonderful idea, and thank you and all the other staff for putting so much time into HiH for people you don't even know..
Agreed, Great Idea, Period.
agree's with the people above me...
Maybe the Yap might be civilized for a change.
Good to here it POTS. I hope that the best people were picked and to them grats! also will they get a † or ‡ thing?
i agree with all positive opinions.