HIH Hillock Challenge - Clandestine, Inc.
It was a sad loss for the High Impact Halo Staff this time, we had gone in ready to win, and we came out ready to cry. We had agreed to play 3 games. Those three games would be: MLG TS on Midship, Neutral Flag on Sanctuary, and CTF on Beaver Creek. These were the teams:

HIH Staff

Omg A Fish - (xX CiNeMaTiK)
Shdw Shinobi - (Shdw Shinobi)
DominoEffect - (ll Domino ll)
MaCeGaC - (ll Disasta ll)
Daleks United - (Daleks Divided / Played 1 game)
New Bass Man - (CommanderBen)

The Opponents (Clandestine Inc.)

tbird24 - (tbird24)
shortyspc - (xX ShortySPC Xx)
sciz - (Cyclohexane)
mrkeebler - (KSI Keebs)
jakeyboy90 - (jakeyboy90)

First Game

MLG TS - Midship
Score 50 - 40: Users Win
Game Stats

This game would set the tone to our embarassing beat on that perfect Saturday afternoon. The game started out pretty even, while the users were always ahead of the Staff, we were only behind by a few kills, and we tied the leader multiple times. But when the Users hit 40 and we were down at around 32 things started to get bad. I (CiNeMaTiK) seemed to get stuck on multiple occasions, and it just kept happening, this became very infuriating and I began shouting. Soon our whole team was just screaming at each other, we knew we were going to loose, and we didn't take it too well. Our flaws were communication, and basic Halo skill. We were all running around like headless chickens with no hint of strategy in our movements. It was just pure chaos, and we knew it. When the Users got to 49, we just gave up and had to accept defeat. We knew this wasn't a good start and we'd have to bump it up a notch on the next game.

Second Game

Neutral Flag - Neutral Flag - Sanctuary
Score: 5 to 2 - Staff Dominates
Game Stats

At this point we had a change in team, Daleks had to go and we were soon accompanied by none other than NBM, who came into the party to our dismay, saying he was the worst halo player of all time. This really got us excited...not. Great, we thought, we need to win this game and we have NBM who claims to suck harder than even a 3 year old halo player.

We start the game, and immediately I pick up the sniper, and the domination begins. A series of headshots by none other than myself helps us get some flag captures, and we put NBM to good use as the guy who runs in and gets the flag and runs out. We knew we were going to win this game, and our talents shone as we captured the flag every couple minutes. We finally get that last flag capture and we were as happy as ever could be with this victory. The final score was 5 - 2 to Staff with me boasting 18 kills and 9 headshots :D

Third Game

CTF - Beaver Creek
Score: 5 to 2 - Users Win
Game Stats

Everyone knew it...this is the game we had to win, we couldn't loose in the second ever playing of the Hillock Challenge, it would be an upsetting loss. So the pressure was on, and it didn't help with NBM repeating that he was terrible and we were going to loose because of him...great right? We start the game, and if my memory serves me correctly they scored first...grr now we were getting stressed. But we got it together and pulled off a nice capture! Then to our surprize we took the lead with another superb capture. Our hopes were up, we thought we might be able to pull it off. But it all went downhill...We were about to get our third capture, which probably would have sealed the win. We were so close, but to our dismay it was then returned. Then the chaos began. The users scored, then they scored again, and then another. It was 4 to 2 and we were already feeling the defeat. Of course they got the last capture, and we were mocked by the users :( We all left the party, as some of us went offline, others (like me) made there own party, closed it, and cried.

It was a sad day for the HIH Staff, and a happy day for the Users.
Final Score: Users win 2 to 1
Oh and I almost forgot! Jakeboy kindly made a minitage of the whole event, and as I am sure you are all eager to see us get beaten, you will also see the countless amount of times I was stuck, and why I was so annoyed!


Lol, get raped.
Me wants to play in the Hillock[ripoff of Bungie :p"> Challenge!!!

How do you get in?


Yah for the Users!!!
I'm AMAZING at Halo.


Phear me.
New Bass Man. says:

I'm AMAZING at Halo.


Phear me.

I know you are. I have reverant fear.
Lol, I like your writeups. Is there anyway you can set like Tone of Game:.. dunno but those always get my chuckling in the bungie updates.

Sounds like the Staff gave up quite a battle, is it anytime soon going to be extended that the opponents can be other clans instead of glitching?
3rd game sounds like fun for the users

How do you join?!
amateurs hahaha

i wanna play next game.. im guessing its a clan thing. *goes to get clan*
Great idea by the users to get more in touch with their community... and evidently get knocked down a peg :D Congrats to all those who attended the second great battle of the ages.

Edit: Whoops, mean't staff, my bad!
This week was for clans
The next week is for a group of random users

The sign-up thread (with rules inclued) for next week will be set up in General Halo
HAHA AMAZING VICTORY! I was in such shock. We all walked in their with my pessimistic mouth running, and on midship i played with my mouth open after hearing countless "gained the lead!" AHH, sweetness. The second game was a complete disaster...we had no idea wtf was going on, especially cause it was NEUTRAL SNIPERS! and we were being shot from every direction...not cool. But, beaver creek was quite the gameplay, with some amazing strategy. I remember taking the 4th flag capture by throwing the flag out, into the portal, then up on the base, for a quick score. It was b-e-a-u-tiful.

Anyway, its late, so im gonna stop typing. BUT, this was truly loads of fun, so thanks to the staff for, well, spending too much time on HIH and not enough time playing, lol, and to all of Clandestine Inc. for rappping.
I'm assuming this is on Xbox Live and not XBC?

/me frowns, I'd like to get some sword fly kills in there!
[QUOTE">MaCeGaC - (ll Disasta ll)

funny how I some how played a game without actually playing.... I think you got either the gamertag wrong or the player name :P
High Speed Halo will assemble a team one day and dominate you staff fools! ^_^;

I just need XBL first <_<;
nice write up fish was a lot of fun.. and surprising we didnt really expect to win at all.. luck i suppose..

watch the minitage ;)
Haha yea, Disasta is actually eric, not macagec

This was one of the most fun nights ive had on halo for a while. It was intense compettion but in good nature and kicked almost as much *** as Jack Bauer (24 FTW)

An aweosme idea. Thanks alot Mods.
lol Fish you are amazing.
Oh staff got PWNT!

Yay TBird.
Sounds like lots of fun, I remember omgafish turned to mlg'ing a long time ago so I can assume he's pretty good by now.

Hope I get a chance to play!
Make sure to check this weeks' thread to signup!
*On his way out of the Bungie.net forums, Futil1ty notices a small website entitled "HIH," triggering some great Halo memories. He quickly dusts it off and enters...*
Sounds awesome! I'm downloading the "minitage" now.

I actually am rooting for the staff. (Even thought I missed it, I can still "root," right? :p ) You staff guys should probably stick to tricking, though. :D