Broken stuff means progress
Ok, so maybe that's not exactly true, but hopefully it will be in this case. Over the course of the next few days (maybe even all week), I'm going to be tweaking and testing some stuff on the HIH frontpage, and possible a few other places. If you see something that's totally foobarred, don't fret. It's just me...crashing the site.

Other than that, I want to apologize for the frontpage being a little stale lately. That certainly doesn't mean that the members haven't been busy. They have - it's just that I haven't kept up. The good thing about having someone like me run a fansite is that there's a measure of stability and longevity, but you also have to content with the fact that guys with full-time jobs and families don't have loads of time to invest.

You have to take the good with the bad. :)
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