Halo Olympics?
Rugby_Rox from GamesInAction sent me an email about a new tournament they're hosting called the Halo Olympics. I'm not much on posting non-trick news (I leave that to the pros at HBO), but he asked specifically if we could mention it, and we're not exactly overflowing with trick news at the moment, so what the hey. Stop over and visit the sign-up thread on their forums for more info.

No, Halolypics.
*No, Halolympics
Can't edit posts in the news forum apparently..
I was going to say that, but it sounds really really dumb to say aloud.
I wish there were a real Halo Olympics which would encompass more of the Halo Community. Have things like tricking, glitching, speedrunning, machinima, MLG and other various things. It would be pain to set up though and would be a real pain to set up. Plus for alot of things we would need video footage which would be impossible for some people. Plus you wouldn't get a one time shot like on the real olympics. I thought it was something more but this just another tournament.
No trick new? Look in the News Submission. There are plenty of things that deserve FP last time I looked, and not just the stuff I posted.

A week long speedrunning tournament would be the greatest thing ever. Speedcon '07 @_@;
Speedcon shall be the name of our LAN.