A Rebirth, Back to Basics yet Cinematic... Hmm.
RandomCTG and gang from the H2 Campaign outfit have conclusively proven that you can blend cinematic "trickinima" videos with classic HIH trick tutorials: the result is a Campaign Single Player masterpiece called Renaissance.

Every clip of this massive video is in Single Player and has a tutorial so you too can try out some of this craziness. Epic, informative, and most of all fun, Renaissance shows the entire community that you don't have to sacrifice "epic" for "instructional." Very well done guys, I hope to see more blending of these two filming types in the future for HIH!

Double post on front page woo hoo! I just wanted to say that I'm feeling kind of crappy right now, so if I don't respond to your PM or messages it's because I'm not doing too well and won't be on quite as much as I hoped to be by this weekend. My apologies.

For those of you who like to read and who want to foster a return to what tricking really means at HIH, you may want to visit this essay I wrote about tricking and the filming of it. Share your ideas and please come read with an open mind. Recently we have strayed away from Duke's vision of tricking being a sharing, open forum to teach others the way to explore; instead we've (myself included) glorified ourselves with our cinematic exploits. With forevercha0s, FooFoo, RandomCTG, and others proving that we can be "epic" but also instructive taking away the excuse of "well I was too cool to share how I did it," none of us have an excuse.

When we reach Halo 3, all will be new to all. We have to be able to help each other up the hill instead of just trying to make a name for ourselves; no new world was truly visited without teamwork and guiding. Let's make HIH a place where the average Halo player can experience the thrills we do. Let's be Xtreme Gamers who share our Xtreme-ness with others. Or something like that. Seriously though, climb Everest, but film it and show us the path so we may climb it behind you. You may be the first, but to everyone around you the real joy comes from climbing it themselves. They will thank you when they reach the top of the mountain for then they will truly understand what you first did.