Tribute to Tricking, Part II
Back before the release of Halo 2 (if you can remember back that far), TLG clan released a video entitled, Tribute to Tricking, basically showcasing a whole gambit of tricks and stunts that were possible in Halo 1. With Halo 3 looming on the horizon, this group has recreated their efforts, with even more Halo 1 trickery, and some of it is simply jaw-dropping. There's enough in this video to satisfy most any tricking fan, whether it be outside of level stuff, launching, or just cool random stunts. Stop by the forum thread and grab a copy of whatever size your interweb can handle. I love this stuff. Great to see Halo 1 still being played. That game just rocks. Cheers guys.

good it did get FP.
endofwho says:

good it did get FP.

like it wouldn't have.
:( that vid was sick i wish i played more halo1
Pure Awesomeness.

- Zman
So Sick!
- Foo
This has 893 views. How'd it get so many? The other posts only get like 75 or so.
cuz we rape.
MadRoX says:

cuz we rape.

the actual video post is alomost at 2000 heh. almost more then the stickies.
Its because it was FP-ed at HBO.
BigGruntyThirst says:

Its because it was FP-ed at HBO.

Ahhh, I see. They linked to this forum rather then the actual post in H1 forums.

Just so you know, I wasn't doubting the merit of such high view count. It's just that nobody normally views this forum, they all go to the forum the video was posted in.

I love you guys!:p
That is like teh coolest vid ever