Wraithmania: Second Part, But a Ton of Firsts
H2 Campaign Legend Duelies brings us yet another vid filled with first-ever performed tricks. When I started in Campaign tricking there were a lot of things that were "impossible," and later of course we innovated ways of doing them. One of the few things that lasted up until late in the previous year was launching Wraiths. Duelies works his Wraith magic to perfection here, and lands some impossible stuff. Fantastic!

This man needs a trickster archive. >.>
zmanjr7 says:

This man needs a trickster archive. >.>

I see no reason why not. :) If Duelies wants to compile his recent stuff and send it to me, I'd be happy to archive him. :D
*Ceases exxtermination of bunnies* Thanks POTS. =) I was thinking the same thing; him making an archive.

Next up; baby dolphins.
Totally, archive for Duelies, this was amazing.