We're Not Dead, We're Mostly Dead
Nah we're not dead, quite the contrary. HIH has a ton of things going on behind the scenes to help make this place better prepared for the onslaught of H3's beta and eventually H3 itself. More details on that will be coming soon, but for now I just want to apologize for the lack of newsposting. Everyone's busy with real-life, myself included, and the videos keep getting bigger and longer to proof-watch. There's a ton of great tricking on the forum right now, so keep your eyes peeled as you cruise along. This weekend we'll roll up our sleeves and get some links posted so you guys can get the attention you deserve! For now, thanks for your patience, and stay tuned!

Who said we're dead?
There is one thing to make this place better for sure, get rid of those ads, and pop ups when u come in the site
Get rid of 'em yourself @_@;

And what's scary about this news post, is that my dad uses that phrase all the time to describe my brother, or himself, or just any person at any opportunity he snatches. "He's mostly dead!" POTS, are you my dad? If you are, then I seriously regret all those poems I wrote you >_<;

As for lack of news posting, it doesn't matter. Get to it whenever you can. The place is free for us, so we shouldn't be complaining about it. Damn straight... HSH has some things cooking for HIH, so be on the look out! Not to mention I actually have a tricking video coming out soon, which is liek, "omg". Not to mention T3T, but that's another story...
About the advertising, AdBlock Plus for Firefox works really well, and you can even block embedded media, such as flash movies. It's really 1337.
HIH has ads?

Adblock Plus ftw

Oh, and my first thought when I read the title: "It's just a flesh wound!"
hello how r u buddy
Only mostly dead? No searching through the pockets for loose change?
= (
"slYnki... I am your father... *whoosh...wheeze....whoosh....wheeze...*"

It was a spin on a quote from the Princess Bride, as uberfoop noticed (and others, I'm sure), just saying "sorry for the lack of newsposting!" It's been a busy week, but we're not dead. *shrugs*
My name is (i think he says amigo mentoya?), you killed my father, prepare to die. My name is _____ you killed my father, prepare to die. and so on.

i loved that movie when i was a little kid.
@everyone who uses Adblock/Adblock Plus:

Good job stealing from HIH's hosting needs. GOOD JOB.