A whole pageful of running goodness
I glanced at highspeedhalo.net this morning, and found an entire page of new speedruns up for viewing. If you love speedruns (I do), stop by and check out some of the new material.

Wow, Scurty owned Uprising.
Thanks again Ducain for the FP. Soon Halo 2 Done Segemented wil be done, and you will be amazed *evil laugh*
scurty has Uprising tied up in a sack, along with all our souls.
Scurty and friends, you guys are amazing. A well earned FP. Well done everybody.
So did I, lol
Wait till you see what these guys are working on ;) it's seksi. Hopefully it wraps up soonish...
A 1:55 Uprising run is on the way as well. Should be posted soon.
I did a 1:54 a long awhile ago. Take that, scurty! =P

Yeah, some interesting, amazing things are going to be happening around High Speed Halo in the coming months. Be on the look out. After all of it's done, scurty and I have something special in mind for everyone to keep track of ; )
If you did a 1:54 by going the conventional route, then it can be lowered to 1:51.