scurty's Gift
We'll probably be fairly off tomorrow, so I'm trying to catch all the news as quick as possible today. Two MUST SEEs are scurty's videos for both Campaigns. First, he absolutely tears apart the level Keyes. And I mean absolutely, Duke's gonna love it. This one will be a classic to be sure, edited by forevercha0s as well, so don't miss it even though it's a beastly download. It's well worth it.

Lastly he's showing off some swordflying/lunging skills like nobody's business in H2 Campaign. Both Campaign videos are tremendous works of skill and clever tricking, so thanks scurty for giving us fellow tricksters such a great gift to watch!

i've watched both vids and i must say that scurty is one hell of a gamer!
like when i go to the quite some of the speedruns are made by scurty and they really kick ***...
you know?
regarding the swordflying, i still dont understand the logic behind it and how to do it.
it just seems cool when you carry a sword and another weapon in mp and people see you fly around and ask, "how do you do that?"
anyway i have seen people sword cancel and sword fly to speedrun in halo2 and some of them are really good, but i have never seen one of them make swordflying seem as easy as scurty.
the seven consecutive swordflying in regret was one of them that just made my jaw drop...
Well done Scurty and keep it up!
Cold-PhuRy says:

i've watched both vids and i must say that scurty is one hell of a gamer!
iWell done Scurty and keep it up!

i have to agree with POTS and coldd phury. scurty is the best sword flyer in HIH and number 1 in the whole wide world. confession: alot. cant close my mouth when my jaw drops.
oh reallly fool