Jumping/Bouncing Round Up!
Ah, Jumping and Bouncing. Very specialized form of tricking that takes tremendous skill and often goes under-appreciated by the "blow it up dang it!" side of us tricksters. Approved by the specialists, here are three vids you should bounce on immediately, in random order:

I Team CLXB I's Bouncing Montage No Limit nails down a lot of challenges and hits some new territory in the realm of bouncing. I enjoyed watching this, and I'm not even a bouncer! Great work you guys on the new stuff especially!

Jumping to our next vid, Jump Evolution-Episode II: The Past Revisited is a short but sweet romp that really impressed me with what you guys do. All tricksters should take jumping lessons, it would really help us all out! This vid is all about unassisted jump skills, so make sure you catch the action.

Finally, the aptly named JuMpInG BoY brings us JumP For Fun: Jumping v2 to top it off with an impressive variety of jumps, many of which had me holding my breath. This vid is intense, and well worth a watch for amatuers and pros of jumping. Fantastic work, especially for a first jumping vid. Well done to all of you, and keep it up!

To you Jump/Bounce guys: again, I can only FP what I know, so thanks especially to Captain Crunch for keeping me up to date on what's hot. Finally, I don't know much about jumping/bouncing, so I FP these based on YOUR responses and my own personal enjoyment on the vids. Keep that in mind.

And lastly, we're working on helping out your sector of the forum, just give us some time. This is a VERY busy time of year for nearly everyone, so thanks for your patience.

Any mistakes due to my ignorance of the subject matter are my own fault and I take full responsibility. To all involved, well done with the vids, although I would've enjoyed Jump Evolutions Episode II a bit more if it was more jumping and less "Starring:Credits." Still liked the vid, but to everyone... remember that we're making trick vids, not machinima.

I hearby name this new generation of super-stylized, super-edited tricking "Trick-inima," as opposed to sparsely edited "Old School."
thank you POTS! greatly appreciated!

amazing job all of you guys! especially you Jump Evo NOOBS =">...i loved yall's video the BEST!

and Jumping V2, of course congrats!!!! your first jump vid AND it gets Fped!!! AMAZING!

and CLXB, i want to thank you guys for a great ride, it was a fun montage to make, killn a few challenges, gettn to a few unbounced to places...ahhhhh, good times...hope they keep comin...thanks guys, great job =">
CLXB + Jump Evolution + JuMpInG v2= Rape FP.

Good job all of you guys.
Yes those 3 viodeos are a must see jump video.
POTS lives!
uh may za zing
Old School > Trickinima any day of the week.
TradinWarStoryz says:

Yes those 3 viodeos are a must see jump video.

Wait, what?
his grammer aer teh failz
slYnki says:

Wait, what?

You know, viodeos. They're the cheerier, fruitier versions of videos. Like Fruit Loops, only with real fruit flavoring.
It's good to see a highlight of our little section of the world over there. Thank ya, Prince.

I rather enjoyed JumP For Fun video. There is an outstanding amount of creativity in almost every jump, along with a heckuva lot of skill. I mean, come on, RyanL no saves?

Jump Evolution- Episode II: The Past Revisited kept me on the edge of my seat as well, as did I Team CLXB I's No Limit. Outstanding job to everybody who participated in these videos, and everybody who keeps our little corner of HIH alive.

There's only one thing to say at a time like this...

... WOOT!

raptor+slynk+POTS+typos=Gigglin' Gilleh. =\
princeofthesword says:

You know, viodeos. They're the cheerier, fruitier versions of videos. Like Fruit Loops, only with real fruit flavoring.

Nice, I've been away for a while. Nice to see that your on top of things everywhere, or that people have been keeping you informed >.<. Great work on the videos and even better work on the viodeos, gotta love the real fruit flavoring.
Mostly it's people keeping me well informed, which I greatly appreciate (keep it coming guys!). I try to be everywhere at once, but then my atoms complain and I don't get much work done. With forum-goers acting as my eyes, I can make sure I watch the cool stuff and get the FP attention goin' where deserved.

So thanks everyone for keeping me on the ball. It's my pleasure to help out anywhere, but I have a strange fondness for bouncing/jumping. It's sort of like... trigonometry. Can't do it, but I have great respect for those who can. :D