I crawl out from under the rubble...
...and MAN it's busy around the community! Real life's had me fairly swamped lately, and I completely missed the trailer release. I just watched it today and I loved it. I gotta check out some of the stills floating round to look for details. Ok, gotta run, but a quick round of applause for the mods and admins is in order for keeping this ship sailing. Cheers.

*Claps enthusiasticaly*



I demand all th ninja admins/mods go rogue!
Stinkin' Xbox.com. I can't even watch it when I'm signed it because I'm not old enough. If they show it on TV then I'm old enough to see it.

Anyways, that's a 1337 grenade.

Gamesaves Guru.
Pretty sweet that you get to see John and Kelly (Linda?) as kids, if that even is them. Overall, very nice trailer.