Halo 3 Beta... anyone?
As I'm sure many of you already know, tonight you have the chance to sign up for the Halo 3 public beta over at http://halo3.com. The beta will be running next year for those who are selected to participate. This should be of significant interest to many of you, the chance to test an unreleased game in terms of glitching is right up our street, so get over there and sign up tonight. You can find up-to-date news on tonight's events over at HBO, including links to what appear to be unreleased sign-up forms. Remember, over 17s only.

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It might just be me but I wouldn't like to play a Halo game before it's offically released. Obviously they need testers but I just wouldn't be one of those people, it would ruin the game for me.
I think it's online-only, scurty, if you don't want spoilers.
Sprout: Actually, it is 17 years old. Here is the quote:

[QUOTE">Please note that in order to register* for the beta, you must be 17 years or older and a resident of the 50 United States (includes District of Columbia) or Canada (except Quebec). If selected to participate, you must have access to the following:
does it say check back 12/4/06 for anyone else? is that like after the add is on tv?
nvm, it finally showed up now, man am i glad im 17
It didn't even ask for a date of birth anywhere!
There was a Date of Birth when you signed up for XBL...
Is this only tonight??? I'm not getting my 360 until christmas...
ATX Caliente says:

There was a Date of Birth when you signed up for XBL...

No there is not actually.
What all does the registration require? Can someone tell me if you need a gamertag when you sign up or not? Thanks.

Nevermind, I signed up for it last night at around 2am, it doesn't require a gamertag yet, but it does require your name address and phone number.

I'm not 17 and I signed up, but they prob won't accept me
Yeah, I heard that ~half the country signed up for that. It would be so 1337 to be a beta tester for Halo 3. I want to see that protection shield thin that chief uses in the TV commercial.

Gamesaves Guru.
Shame it's US only... :( Guess we'll have to wait 'til Spring...
Darn. I won't be able to join you guys mainly because I suck at glitching and don't have XBL. Oh, and I also don't have a 360. Anyway, best of luck to those who are in an opposite predicament! Show em your 1337ification!!

P.S. I can't believe a good trickster like scurty isn't gonna test Halo 3 :mad::(:mad:. Cows of holiness.
does anyone know if you where supposed to to receive an e-mail, thanks.

I didnt recieve mine if your were supposed to. I forgot to watch the commercial and forgot about registering until Wednesday. Ugh