A little bit of everything...sort of
Terminator wrote up a nice little roundup of new things in the Campaign forum. From jawdropping material to just clips that will make you laugh, there is something in this roundup for everyone to see.

First up, we have two small vids from FooFoo that are guaranteed to make your jaw drop. I do not wish to spoil the sheer insanity the clips contain, but it's viewing is one that will make you smile!

Next, an impressive Elite roundup that not only withholds much time and effort, but barrles of fun as well! Another promised laugh from the Campaign forums!

In the willingness to spare your sore cheeks from laughter and smiles, you can treat your eyes to another fun launching video by RandomCTG. It may be steady cam, but this video packs all sorts of fun launches you yourself can do from the comfort of your own closet. The same goes for For The Hell of it, by The Saint That Lived.

After a long day of chaos, it's nice to unwind with some nice, big explosions. You can find some nice explosions in 7 Ways To Banshee Launch. In this video, there are some very nice methods of banshee launching, using one grenade. Don't let that stop you from watching though, this video has some launches that have some insane hieght and distance in them!

Well done, all of you!

Heheh, good job to those video owners and to Termy!
iCorpsey says:

Heheh, good job to those video owners and to Termy!

Bravo Corpsey on posting in ever single forum......:rolleyes: Post frenzy much?

As for the videos, I really enjoyed them. Perhaps we could do this more often, putting a whole bunch of little vids together.
The description of "7 ways to banshee launch" is wrong. It should be 7 ways to ghost launch.
It was the wrong link.
Ans Zmanjr, thank ye kind;y. Alas, my empire has fallen like all the others mighty as mine.