He's just trying to leave early...
Scurty recorded a new Halo 1 video (POA level) that I really enjoyed. Again, no promises of absolute originality here, but I've never seen someone watch the lifepod blast away from the POA, while INSIDE the lifepod. Cool stuff. He describes it like this:

In this video, the concept of getting to the area with the pods is old. Frogblast completed this awhile back (http://ducain.org/utfoo/mission/epod_poa2.htm). However, he did this is the previous area with the escape pods (or at the end of the level, I forget), not where this video is shown. Frogblast did explore the basic area where I was in this video (http://ducain.org/utfoo/mission/epod_poa1.htm) but he did not make it into the area with the pods WITHOUT having them activated. There is a long, long trigger on the floor. You have to bypass the entire trigger from the rafters and then drop down into the escape pod in order to have the pods not escape. Then player 2 moves into the trigger and activates the pods' escapes.

You can grab the download from this forum thread.

Thanks Duke! I wish FrogBlast could watch it though, I think he'd like the video.
Wasn't his name FrogBlast? :) Just wanted to know.

Good to see you're still doing well Duke.


Bumping on PoA is possibly the funnest thing ever.
watching scurty trick live is cool. ask him whenever he gets on MSN.
No thanksgiving post eh?