This One Will Break Your Ankles
Jumping doesn't get as much attention as it should, especially Halo 1 jumping. djDAP and scurty have put together a short but awesome Halo 1 MP Natural Jumps vid. This showcases some cool jumps to try in MP (many I didn't even know could be pulled off), and they make it look deceptively easy. I can't wait to see the Halo Campaign version! So go watch, have fun, and perhaps keep good jumping skills in mind during your next match. You might surprise yourself, or just break your toes.

yeah, remember folks, there's fall damage in Halo el Primero. Watch teh anklez.
I've never jumped in Halo CE (you know what I mean by 'jumping') but I enjoyed it :) And I have abolutley (Sp?) no idea of how hard thoose jumps are.