Happy Halo Day
To celebrate the 5th anniversary of halo, there's a whole boatload of information (ok 3 huge bombshells) about what's to come.
Go check it out!

Happy Birthday Halo!
lol i bet holys gunnna have this giant party or something
OMG! sorahn's not dead!
OMG new Halo 2 maps!
oh em gee!
Green power button on the AR!!!!111oneoneone

woot some new maps are definitely needed for H2, and that beta info made me want to cream my pants :(
Wait. Sorahn? I thought you went off to work for Bungie. Nice to see you here agian.

So prior to this they announced that Halo 3 would release some time in 2007. If the beta is only available in spring then the final game must come out late in '07. What have they been doing for the past 2 years? I hope these new maps aren't to help keep us happy as they push the release into '08.
Tee-hee! I don't even know what to say! I'm mad I don't have a 360 yet though.
Woah... interesting stuff. o_O I am a wee bit more tempted to get a 360 now... new maps.... *Drool* If only there was such a thing as a Campaign Map Pack. :(

I opened my E-Mail to find, "Hello High Abøve,

We at High Impact Halo Forum v 3.0 would like to wish you a happy
birthday today!"

I am guessing "happy birthday" is Halo's birthday? I am also unsure who sent this, but regaurdless, if whoever reads this, you have my thanks as well as everyone else's at HA. :)

Happy Halo Day indeed! I think I'll play some good ole Halo 1 now....
That picture was awsome! The graphics are insane (assuming they are like the photo or better)! Notice how when you zoom in on it it gets even more high res! craaaazy

halo3 beta and new maps! I LOVE THIS THREAD!
Someone should zoom in on what MC is looking at, sorta like that dude who found the forerunner symbol on the assault rifle. There appears to be something in MC's visor, would be interesting to see what it actually is and if it's an egg = P

All that news is quite exciting as well. I cannot wait for Halo 3, omfg... DVD recorder, Xbox 360, Going Nowhere Fast 3 *drool*