Still glitchin baby
Yes, I am indeed alive. I'm stopping in long enough to let you know about a new Halo trick vid that Madrox recently released. It's absolutely full of good stuff, and you don't want to miss it. Drop by the forum thread for the download links. I'm sure there's more good stuff floating round the forum, and POTS is doing a good job keeping up with it. I just watched this and wanted to mention it. Cheers.

I loved the video. And it really does live up to be a variety video in that there was so much variety in it, moreso than other variety videos.

It also included two Library tricks, on a level where we hardly see any tricks.
I was really impressed with the video. The tricks were great, and I loved the trick where he got the banshee under the glass in The Two Betrayals. I was wondering, "How did he do that?" I remembered that Ducain got under the glass but he didn't actullay live as long.

The editing, was sort of basic, and it was good. I loved the music, though I've heard it about a million times now. :D

Sweet job, Madrox! I hope to see more from you! :)