HIH: Tricking and Friends
My typical lurking realm of H2 Campaign tricking has given me the chance to meet a lot of fantastic people during my stay here at HIH. They've been my friends as well as comrades in arms throughout many tricking projects and regular life.

Thankfully, it seems I've been a good friend to them as well, and they've shown their respect in the best way you can show it to a die-hard trickster: do even crazier tricks than what Campaign has seen before.

Team Gnarly, KDproductions, No Limitations, High Above, and some of the coolest "freelance" legends, all worked on this, so you know it'll be over-the-top tricking. This video is filled with brand new tricks on MASSIVE scales, and edited beautifully by the excellent forevercha0s, so make sure you don't miss some of the coolest H2 Campaign work you'll ever see. And stick around for some goodness after the credits, too. Well done guys, and thank you. :) I'm Highly honoured to have had an Impact on your Halo-tricking careers, and to have your friendship.

While we're here, if any of you guys know of any vids that are definitely FP worthy from the last week and a half, PM me some linkage. I've been having some serious issues in real life and haven't been on much, and most of the staff are quite busy, so help us help you all. :) It'd be my pleasure.
The video is freaking amazingly well done. NICE work. :)

POTS is easily one of the most loyal and dedicated people I know. We've had some great admins in the past, and we've also had our share of 'yeesh' type staff members. We're extremely lucky to have this guy around.

Sexy, loved the video and the POT's tribute idea. Is that really you POTs?
Erm, messed up up there^^, sorry about the double post. Meant to say POTS's and POTS.
OMG, This was one of the funnest videos to work on...
We hope it suprised you, POTS.
All the guys tht worked on this video with us were some of the awesomest guys around...We had like thirty pages of spam where we were organizing this...

Glad you liked it!

And a big thanks to all the other Admins, Mods, and really cool HIH members!

it is usually your wise posts that help me on this site
the video was rape, but im confused.... are u gana die or something POTS? lol. i wish i had friends that appreciate me.
No, it was just a tribute video; like Ducain's awhile back. No death involved.
iCorpsey says:

We had like thirty pages of spam where we were organizing this...
And none of the HSH members besides scurtyAllah were a part of it. They managed to spam it up on there own. Of course, Corpsey and Term can get it on without our help.... -_-
i loved that video, so many trix :)