Absolutely NOT Halo news
Ok, so this isn't Halo news at all, but it concerns many of us, so here we go. Gears of War ships today, and so for the next few days, what very few shreds of free time I have are going to be spent at our sister site, GearsOfWarForum.net (and playing the game also I hope). I'll be checking in here some each day, but I'll be trying to get things in order over there for a short while. Cheers all.

I think you mean http://www.Gearsofwarforum.net =D

Gears of War ftw!! I'm so getting this game...
It comes out tommorow, the eighth, right?
Or was it the 12th?
Actually...it came out today here in the states...unsure where you live Corpsey...

None of my stores had them today though...they only had enough for reservees...kinda makes me mad....


/end cracking of fists and gritting of teeth...
damn, I though it came out Tommorrow....I'm calling my Gamesstop now...
I just got done playing it for a few hours, and let me say that Legacy controls just don't really fit with the gameplay style. It's more of an "over the shoulder" type of play, like RE4, than a true FPS, so my control scheme was messed up. Thankfully playing Oblivion on default has helped with that... but I highly recommend sticking to Default controls instead of trying to switch to Legacy if you're used to that from Halo (like myself).

So far... I'm not sure. I enjoy the game, but I feel too rushed in a way. It's a BEAUTIFUL game graphically, and plays like a war movie set in the future, but with such gorgeous environs I want to explore, yet I feel compelled not to by my AI comrades along with the pace of the game in general.

It can feel awkward at times, especially after playing such a precise shooter like Halo, (I've been playing Halo 1 with Skeletor lately, making things even worse since Halo 1 is so heavenly) but once you get used to the cover scheme it moves fairly smooth.

I'm still not sure though. I enjoy it, but I enjoyed PDZ as well, and that was basically a crappy game. Replay? Not sure.

But the graphics are insane. I mean IN. SANE. Beautiful. Frame-rate isn't as high as I was expecting in cutscenes, but with the amount of stuff going on on-screen I can understand. The in-game scenes (you'll find out what I mean) are odd but awesome, and much like the Halo 2 E3 demo where the bombers flew overhead to take out the Covenant mortar launcher.

For now I'm giving it an eight, considering it a must-rent for certain, and a probable buy for anyone who even remotely enjoys FPS/sci-fi shooters. It's certainly more intense than Halo 2 by any standards, and you can't stick your thing out for very long. They're not kidding when they say keep under-cover. It's the control scheme that bugs me just a tiny bit, but I'm quickly grasping it and tweaking.

So despite my tone, I highly recommend the game to any fans of shooting ugly SOBs in the face with BFGs. I'll redirect any 360 forum discussion to GoWforum.net as much as possible. :D Good luck boss.
Damn you Britannia and your delays >.<
Ah well, I'm definitely looking forward to this :)