So You Wanna Glitch - Vol.5
Johnintoit posted the 5th installment of his 'So You Wanna Glitch' series last night. It's a pretty large download if you're going for the high-res version but let me tell you, it blew me away.

This video is one of the best MP videos I've seen in a long time and I can promise that even if you know very little about MP tricking this will amaze you. There's a lot of fresh content in there that's all been beautifully edited into a video that doesn't stop with the action for one moment. Very well done to Johnintoit and everyone else involved - this was super. Go download this now, It will make your day.

This video is freaking amazing, and the set-up is extremely well presented (he shows how he did some of the glitches at the end, in a way). Definately one to save to your computer on hi-res to watch over and over ;)