HIH Zen Garden Gnomes: Banshees
I know it doesn't make any sense, just watch the video. Sort of H2 old-skool in a way, so it's great fun. Terminator wrote this up for us, thanks Term:

"RandomCTG posted an interesting thread yesterday, that's well worth the watch. He demonstrates such a simple little trick, it makes you want to kick yourself, a simple tutorial on how to get a Banshee into the Zen Garden, and to top it all off, a wholoping vehicle collection in the Zen Garden, consisting of 12 intact Banshees! You don't want to miss this, for it is quite a feat! Fantastic work RandomCGT, you're becoming well known around these parts."


11_Banshee_VC_in_Zen_Garden.MPG - hosted by mythica.org>11Banshee in Zen Garden -- NEW

Banshee VC in Zen Garden

Compressed vid by Terminator

Song is called "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.
Thanks xgoggsx.

Whoa:eek: ...thanks everyone, you especially Terminator, grumpy, and the admins. Thanks

I posted this vid with one thing in mind, and that's just to show anyone out there who are having problems with getting a banshee in the Zen Garden.
The Vehicle Collection was just for fun.

What I never expected was it to be front page worth.
I'm still shocked.:D
I thank you all.
lol well I enjoyed it because I know how hard it is to fly those dang banshees in the way you did. I used one in the Revolutions variety I made to fly a Brute up to the top of the Zen Garden... I can't imagine how long it took to get all of those in there like you did.

We're about the fun here, and this was a fun vid, so you're welcome and thank you for sharing :D Keep up the great work! :D
I saw the Revolution and Duel of Heroes.
Fantastic vids BTW.

Also, when I saw that brute up there, and on the bottom, I was like "what the heck?!"
That is truly POTS's making.
BTW, KORHAL said that you guys, or he, have managed to get a full health banshee in there?
The new vid's link was messed up. Here's the working link HERE