More forum ad news
Hey guys, just to let you know since I've already received one PM, the ads I've changed the way the ads are working to hopefully help us generate a little revenue.

You'll see now that there is a small text ad that appears in the first and last post of every thread. That's exactly how it should be, so please don't message me saying something's wrong. It's not. :)

Many forums do just this, because it helps make the text ads more visible. Hm...wonder why anyone would do that?

As for the ads at the top, I changed them to what we always used to run in the old template. I have pretty good control over the ad content, so I can stop ads that are a problem.

With fewer ad companies supporting forums, and because of the decrease in traffic due to the forum change, I'm just trying to keep the bills paid guys.

Thanks for your help and understanding.

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