An Interview With The Wu: Bungie Community Spotlight
Well, I don't know what sort of vapors you'll find floating around on MSN, but I do know they hit pretty hard. You can find the proof in the hilarious "interview" by KP of the famous Louis Wu of Halo.Bungie.Org, the legendary central command for Halo fans.

There's some awesome stuff in the "interview" (I use that term so loosely, here. I laughed. A lot), but mostly it's just crazy fun, so you guys can't miss this. Great write up you two, thanks for sharin' the fumes. I know this is a bit odd of HIH to post non-trick stuff, but Louis Wu is such a major part of the Halo Community that you guys have to read this. Plus, it'll just make your day.

EDIT BY DUKE: There is a comment in there that may make creatures like us happy in the future. Here's to hoping Halo 3 will have more open spaces to explore. Oh...and KP sucks. :)


ROFL, a wonderful interview. I hardly know these people at all, so I'll pay tribute to this interview the only way I know how:

To KP:
Greatest interview ever. :D :D
Now that, was an interview! Sooo funny!!!