Fuel Your Desire For the Incredible
dantheman87's triumphant return to Campaign. Grumpy, one of the best H2 Tricksters ever. The only thing left to say is... WOW.

EDIT BY DUKE: I just watched this, and I'm blown away. Half of it is mind-boggling stuff, and the other half I don't have enough Halo 2 tricking time under my belt to understand. But heck, even the stuff I don't understand looks fun. :) VERY nice video guys.

EDIT #2: dantheman87 has added a considerable amount of explanation in the first post of the thread. It really helped me to understand what I was seeing in many parts of the video. You should take the time to read it.

woot first reply. and great vid dan and grumpy
Heh sorry about the short newspost Duke, I was just so excited. This is some great stuff here, I really wish you could've gotten into H2 tricking more, you would've been great. But yeah, let's just say it's all high-calibre and none of it as easy as it looks, except maybe that one cornerslide. :rolleyes: @ dan