It's Halo Wars Central baby!
A couple of our faithful admins have worked together to launch a project of their own. It's called, and it's a great start on what will no doubt be a popular halowars community portal. These guys have done a great job here for a LONG time, and it's nice to see an effort like this. If you've taken part in running a piece (even a small one) of the online gaming community for more than a year, and you STILL want to start a site of your own, you must have the right stuff...or perhaps you're mad. Either way, it'll be fun to watch. :)

Welcome to the world of website administration. May God have mercy on your souls.

Sweet! I'm gunna sign up for this.

BTW Duke, When is the Ms. Man archive coming?
Well, here's a link to all of his videos.

All Duke has to do is put a link to that post and he's done.
Ya, but I need to do more with it than that. :)
That site looks cool.
As good as Ms. Man looks. O.o
Oh my God, he's going to dot the I's with hearts. Run for your lives! o_O
BOy oh boy am i tired. Huh in this thread the gangs all here :D
I could have sworn this already was a Halo forum...

Where am I?