The need for...well, you know what comes next
There is a HUGE amount of new content over at New speedrunners have started breaking some of the old times, and all the 'normal' difficulty time slots are now filled. Stop by and watch some fastness.

It never seizes to amaze me, on what speedrunners can do. It's also good to see that a new batch of them has appeared.
Yea, according to scurty
scurty says:

Unfortunately, the runs left are mostly Co-op Legendary...including Regret. Good luck to whoever takes that run.
Yep, only 13 more runs until all of the slots are filled!
Give them 2 weeks.
psh... week and a half.
I can do regret:p

If you care to sit a few hours watching it....
I may be getting my capture card set up this weekend, so I will assault the remaining Halo 1 slots, except T&R. Someone needs to fill those slots, because I don't want to spoil 77.

By the way Duke, thanks again for another High Speed Halo mention. Very nice to get outside recognition.