Where no marine has gone before...
Well, not that I know of at least. Madrox (one of the HIH grizzled ancients), has posted a small (thank you) video showing how he got the MC, a hog, AND a live marine up to the SC maproom building hidden shelf. I love videos like this. Nicely done. :)

I cant remember who did it (it may have been Sneakypete), but I can clearly remember someone else getting a marine up there.
Either way what madrox did isnt old, cuz whoever did it before didnt get the hog up there with him, if my memory serves me right. So yeah.... much <3 for madrox.

Edit: a bit of searching, and I finds it. Sneakypete did do it, and though the vid link doesnt work anymore, it seems he just got himself and a marine up there. No hog.

So yes..... Nice job Madrox. =)