HIH Halo 2 Easter Egg Database now online
Over the past couple of months, the HIH moderator staff has been working hard on assembling a list of all known Halo 2 eggs (and sort-of eggs), so they could all be viewed easily and in one place. I can't thank these guys enough, and I'm happy to report that I had almost nothing to do with the entire process. :)

The new page is up and ready for viewing. Everyone needs to understand that this is a work in progress. You'll find a few things in there that need some work, perhaps a link or two that might not be right, and maybe even a few notes that the guys made to remind them to tweak something. Also, a number of items in the list might not actually be 'eggs', but are interesting items found in the game that are included until we decide what to do with them. At any rate, it's something we'll be adding to frequently over the next few weeks. If you have a suggestion and/or addition, or if you would like to writeup the 'history' of a certain egg (a description of the whole process behind finding an egg - which we really need to include), PM your favorite moderator and let him know what you'd like.

Thanks to the mods for all the effort (on top of the huge amount of effort they ALREADY spend helping us out), and a special thanks to MaCeGaC for the cool header image. :)

EDIT: Just a quick mention that I'll be out of town this weekend, so it would be a prime time for spammers, hackers, and any other single-celled creatures to descend upon this place and it's staff, wreaking violence, destruction, and general mayhem.

Or...you could all simply have a nice weekend. :)

Yay! Man, did this take a lot of work! Thankfully, it all looks pretty good, and I hope you all appreciate it!
I appreciate everything the Mods and Admins do around here, so of course I appreciate this NBM =">
It looks awesome, staff! You guys deserve a ton of props for putting this database together! Very Nice!
It's finally out! /me takes a break from getting images for eggs and goes to sleep...at 12:45 pm because I have no school on fridays :D

That is a nice image, and it looks really nice.

This will make bungie proud lol.
I don't think that that is an Egg^^^
It's something that you can only see by modding.

But great job to teh Admins and Mods. It looks really great. *High Fives*
thanks to everyone involved. this looks like it took some work, much love!

i had no idea about the scorpion eggs, this is cool.

thanks again!
Have a great weekend man. Take it easy. Now back to the hacking.....;)
yeah! Now everyone can rediscover the joy of my Ivory tower noises video!
Here's a screen of the checks, i had taken a few of other eggs that needed pics but they dissppeaerd.

Is there gunna be a halo 1 database??