Launching Rocks! Volume 2
I've got a few news items to post over the next day or so, gleaned from my random browsing of the forum. (SMALL RANT - guys, make use of the newsposting area of the forum! I may be slow to get to it, but I DO get to it, and it makes it much easier on me. :)) Ok, now that I've got that out of my system, the first trick out of the gate is this new launching vid from Hockeykid101, called Launching Rocks Volume 2. There are a few different sizes and qualities to chose from, so go have a peek.

wOOT go hockeykid!
I'm glad to see this made front page, I think it was worthy.:) Well done hockeykid, and thank you, Ducain for front paging this and everything.:)
Woooop! Ya thanks alot man:D