Bottom of Halo, Part 2!
Things like this don't happen often, so enjoy it. :) For some time now, a group of guys in the Halo 1 trick forum have been discussing the possibility of getting down to the bottom of the second Halo level map. Frogblast made it to the bottom of the 1st map ages ago, using a disabled banshee for a ride down.

Many of us were convinced that this was only way we'd make it down to the bottom of the second map (one of the VERY few places left unexplored in Halo 1), but the banshees on the second map didn't behave the same way the ones did on the first map. Because of this, some started speculating on whether we could bring a map 1 banshee through the tunnel all the way to map 2 and use it there. Ms. Man chimed in with a method to make that journey a little easier (still tough), and after that, it was on. Quite a few guys started trying it, but Uzny finally nailed it yesterday (much sooner than I would have thought actually).

This is a perfect example of why I still love to hang around, after all this time. A bunch of people came together to share ideas, have some fun, and ended up doing something cool. Honestly, I thought this trick was one we'd never get, but years after the release of Halo 1, and with Halo 3 looming, we're STILL exploring new places.

I love it. :) Great job to all involved.

UPDATE: In the first post of the forum thread, I've added a link to a much larger (over 80 MB) tutorial vid that Uzny put together. Check it out.

Yall think you love uzny now.........
His kids are mine! Stay away!


Yeah. You guys just wait until T3T. Uzny will have to go into hiding. His part is so sexy. SO sexy.
I thought somebody else did this...
Morpheus414 says:

I thought somebody else did this...

Ye thought wrong, ye did.


Cool. I replied. Heh... eh.
OMG that was fricken awsome