Banshees, across the maps
Ok, so this is two for Lone Starr today, but he put together a VERY nicely done tutorial on getting a banshee (AI intact) from the first Halo level map, through the tunnel, and on the second map. The guys are doing this in an ongoing effort to reach the bottom of the second map, using the method Frogblast pioneered back in the day.

It's FrogBlast ;)


FrogBlast could probably do T2T with his eyes shut. :cool:

Come back, we beg of you! :(
yes I agree but I wonder if we can fix the problem with the method???
Yall should have watched Lone Starr pull 2 shees with him to the next area, AI intact. O.o
Teh joys of modern technology, watching the dude play real-time over MSN. Good stuff. Almost like coop, except I wasnt controlling the other guy.