Campaign Will Never Be the Same
Wow. This is what I love about the spirit of HIH. "Rival" Campaign tricking clans united together to make the biggest tricking video I've ever seen, and it's packed full of new and amazing tricks. KDproductions, No Limits, and Team Gnarly banded together to make this video over the summer, and boy did it turn out to be a monster. But a good monster.

The video Trinity is VERY long and very big, but that just goes to show you how much great stuff we got accomplished while we were having fun. This hits Campaign tricking HARD, and there's even a touch of Halo Combat Evolved in there. There's some fantastic Single Player action, tons of five-stacks for major air, the longest corner-ride in the world, and more fun tricks than you can shake a trick at. So please, even though this is huge, trust me when I say it's huge for a reason and we hope you enjoy. We made this for and because of HIH, and for me it's really embodied the spirit of what we're all about here: tricking and friends.

I was already "sad" POTS... then you go on with your empowering speeches, now I'm in tears. Just a few though.... *Sniff*:)

God bless you all!
How come MOST not all but MOST of the skull-links work but some dont? it tells me theyare currupt.

LOL Wrong place to ask this, head over to Campaign and visit our skull section and let us know what links are busted so we can get them fixed. :) Welcome to HIH :D -POTS
Pure Amazing.